Tea Time at TWG // Feb. 16, 2013

I treated my mom to brunch at TWG Greenbelt. Being a tea lover myself, I’ve always fancied this place (or actually I’ve always wanted to have a tea date for the longest time) for its interior and luxurious tea offerings. After all the stress last week, I figured I needed to take a morning off yesterday before going back to my never ending list of things to do over the weekend. And it’s also my way of having a post Valentine’s date with mom (I figured I should act like my dad and make her feel special even for just a day). 

I had the Happy Hour Tea Set and Eggs Benedict while mom had the Alexandria Tea Set and Seafood Lasagna. The food was lovely and delicious! We also ordered macarons for takeout (Napoleon Black Tea is my favorite). I’m not a huge fan of macarons but TWG’s macarons were a head turner - I’m in love with them!

There was also a store inside selling different tea leaves and accessories and all I did was ogle at everything and take pictures (blogger hits, lol).

I’m putting this tea salon into my list of "places to have dates with in the future" (with no one in the picture yet, LOL).

You should, too!

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